Glengoyne distillery


Last week I visited the Glengoyne Distillery with my boyfriend. We’d not long been back in the country and, with jet lag this was possibly slightly ambitious, but off we went.

He’s a whisky fan. I’m not, at least not as much. Whisky can be fine, but I struggle with harsh, smoky, peaty whiskies. If I’m to sip at a spirit it’ll more likely be a rum. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll just ignore whisky altogether, so I was definitely up for the trip.


The Glengoyne distillery is a bus ride out of Glasgow in Dumgoyne. An expensive bus ride. The return tickets cost us ~£9 each. However, it is situated in a very beautiful place. A lot of the other visitors to be distillery were clearly on walking holidays that passed nearby. It’s a very good looking set of buildings.

We got the tour, including a taste of the 12 year old and one of the 18 year old whisky. The 18 is supposed to be better but I definitely preferred the 12. The ticket comes with a £5 off voucher to spend on a 75cl bottle of whisky in the shop. I was kind of tempted but I couldn’t see myself working my way through a bottle in any reasonable time frame, and they weren’t smoky enough for my partner’s tastes.


The tour itself was pretty cool. We were guided around the distillery and had all the different processes explained to us. We got to see whisky in all the stages of its production, as well as side by side comparisons of how it looks after each year of ageing.

So our plan now is to go and visit the Auchentoshan distillery some time soon. It’s also pretty close to Glasgow. Distillery tours are pretty fun and it seems a shame not to go visit the distilleries that are nearby. I think I prefer brewery tours but that’s just because I’m more likely to enjoy beer than whisky. Who knows though, maybe I’ll get more of a taste for it if I keep this up.

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