Event: Craft Beer Rising

On Friday I went to Craft Beer Rising in Glasgow with a bunch of friends. I’d found out about the event through Yelp and thought it sounded like fun.

This is only the third beer festival I’d ever been to but it’s also the third this year. The first was the Hippo Beers festival that was held at BAaD by the Barras. It was a cool venue and the brewers were there personally and were keen to chat to customers about their beers.


However, I was a beer festival rookie and I made the mistake of ordering a very strong pint of Belgian Triple for my first beer. I “tasted” a few more beers but realistically I was already pretty far gone. By the time I realised I was drunk it was too late – I made excuses and went home alone. At 8pm I woke up, I was lying on my bed with my boots and coat still on. By 11pm I was hungover. As cool as the festival was, I’d learned the hard way that it’s not smart to approach them like that.

The second festival was the Paisely beer festival, organised by CAMRA. This was a much larger festival and is very well established. The people serving the beer were not the people who made it, which I found a bit disappointing, but apart from that everything was cool. Importantly, I did a much better job of pacing myself, applying the rules I’d learned the hard way:

  1. Eat before you arrive
  2. Don’t drink more than a half pint of anything
  3. Don’t drink anything more than 5% – if you want to try it buy a bottle and take it home with you
  4. Eat the delicious street food that will inevitably be available
  5. Accept small tasters before you buy
  6. Stop when you feel comfortably tipsy, not when you’re drunktumblr_inline_nu9zz4qKnh1qixqyk_1280So, armed with these rules we headed for the Drygate brewery, where Craft Beer Rising was being held. Drygate is a pretty cool place to drink already – it’s owned by Tennent’s but you won’t find anything like Tennent’s lager on tap. They’re proud of the wide range of beers they have available, especially the ones they brew on site, and rightly so. They also do delicious looking food, but I’ve yet to try it.The festival was held in marques in the car park, with a few food stalls outside. Think fresh curries and slow cooked lamb in soft fluffy rolls, rather than dodgy burgers and kebabs. The food was definitely a highlight and I was especially impressed by the snacking meats on offer from a company called The Meat Merchants.

    I use a beer logging app called Untappd, which I really like. The app tells me that I tasted no fewer than 12 beers across the 6 hours I was at the festival. (although I only got half pints of 8 and less of the rest). Fortunately I also ate plenty of the delicious food, so although I was a bit tipsy by the end of the night, by the next morning I felt fine. Oh, and the beers were almost universally delicious.


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