Culzean Castle


It was a few months ago now, in the middle of July, when I went with a few friends to visit Culzean Castle on the Ayreshire coast. The parents of one of the friends own a cottage nearby, so it has become a bit of a tradition to visit once a year in Summer. We drive up to the cottage, passing the electric brae on the way, we have a barbecue at the cottage (often in the rain), we might play a boardgame or watch some tennis and then we talk a walk along the beach and wander around the castle.

Last year I was away so I missed out on the trip and I was very pleased to go along this time. I’m not really a castle kind of person but the friends that go along are people that I don’t usually get many chances to see. They’re people I did my undergraduate degree with and work keeps us all so busy that it’s easy to neglect friendships. Fortunately it’s also easy for everyone to pick back up where they left off.


Anyway, on the Friday night before the trip I had a few drinks – I didn’t get drunk, I probably drank less than I normally would on a Friday night, I went to bed feeling slightly tipsy but confident that the pint of water I took with me would sort that out.

I was wrong. I was really severely wrong. In the morning I had the worst hangover I’d had this year. Naturally the hot water was broken that morning so we had to boil the kettle over and over for a bath. I took a couple of pain killers and tried to drink water but I just felt awful. I was worried I’d have to cancel. My boyfriend talked me out of cancelling and convinced me that fresh air would do me good.


We walked to where we were meeting people and I started to feel better. Even more so when I had time for a quick breakfast of mushrooms on toast in a cafe. I never feel more grateful to cafe staff than when they make me breakfast when I’m hungover. It’s the best thing that can happen. That pretty much cured me.

Good thing too because I had a great day. We did a lot of gossiping and catching up. I ate a lot of barbecue food and a little ice cream. My boyfriend and I quite convincingly won at the boardgame (Balderdash, I think). We wandered along the beach and around the castle chattering away happily.


I miss hanging out with those friends. I’ll have to come up with more excuses for us all to catch up more often.

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