Cineworld Unlimited Card

I have a Cineworld Unlimited Card. If you’ve not familiar with this, it’s a card I get with a monthly subscription to the cinema, that way instead of paying for each cinema ticket I just pay a monthly flat fee and then see as many films as I like. I pay a little extra for 3D films or event cinema (like if they show an opera or a play). I get a discount on popcorn and discounts with a few other partner businesses. It’s a pretty good deal.

Cineworld Glasgow: The tallest Cinema in the world

I’ve had the card for about three years. In that time I’ve seen countless films and I’ve no doubt that I’ve saved money by paying for my tickets this way. There are months occasionally when I see almost no films at all but usually I manage to see four or five.

In recent months though, this has been kind of slipping. Life is busy, as always, and the temptation to be lazy and just sit around the flat is always there. I do not like being lazy – I like being productive. Still, it can happen, especially with ever shifting priorities.

Another part of the problem is that there isn’t always something I definitely want to see. If there isn’t a huge movie out that I’m interested in, or if there’s nothing smaller that’s piqued my interest, I can easily look at the listings and say “There’s nothing on, I can’t be bothered.” This is silly – Cineworld has 18 screens, there is definitely something on. Also, part of the reason I got the card in the first place was to give a chance to films I might not otherwise bother with. I want to see those small budget films that might be either naff or amazing and when you don’t pay for your ticket on the door it’s easy to take that chance.


So I’m making a commitment to see more films again. I’m declaring Tuesday to be film night. I’m also acknowledging that I will fail to see a film most Tuesdays because I’ll have other plans but film night will be moved to a different night on those weeks. Films are just the default activity for Tuesdays. There’s also nothing stopping me from seeing a film on other nights as well but at minimum I will see films on film night.

If you’re based in Glasgow and fancy more cinema trips let me know – especially if we’re friends with the same taste in films. If you think you might get an Unlimited Card, tell me first, I have codes that can get us each a month knocked off the subscription fee.

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/129707255705/trying-to-see-more-films


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