Coffee and donuts

On Friday mornings my workmates have coffee and donuts. There’s coffee every morning but only Fridays are special enough for donuts. We each chip in to the coffee and donuts fund – it’s cheaper if you only drink coffee and don’t eat donuts or if you only eat donuts and don’t drink coffee – and we run a rota so everyone takes it in turns brewing coffee, buying milk, and bringing donuts.

I think it’s a good thing to get the whole group together now and then. I guess technically we lose part of our morning eating donuts and drinking coffee when we could be in the lab, but I think we gain something too. The group works better because people are friends. We talk about our work, we find out where that missing piece of equipment has got to, we find shortcuts to solving problems because someone else has solved it before. Our research group is kind of huge – it would be really hard to know what everyone’s doing if you didn’t talk to them every few days.

Donuts from Nic’s New York Deli – so good someone got one before I took a photo

I only drink coffee, usually. Partly this is because I’m not sure how good an idea it is to eat a donut every week, partly it’s because I’m cheap and partly it’s because we usually buy donuts from Greggs. Greggs serves a purpose and that purpose is cheap baked goods. I’ll not pretend that a steak bake isn’t a legitimate hangover cure but I’m also not going to pretend that their donuts are actually good.

They have enough branches that no matter who’s getting donuts that morning they will definitely pass one. The donuts are cheap and they’re what everyone expects. They’re lowest common denominator donuts.

Meanwhile I’d been walking past a superior looking donut shop every now and then. I’d been thinking – next time I’m on donut duty, I need to try that place. The place in question is Nic’s Deli at the top of Byres Road in Glasgow. Until recently it was a crepe place, now it specialises in donuts and hotdogs.


So I asked to be put on the rota soon. When my turn came around I went out and bought 24 donuts. You guys, they were amazing. They had cool flavours, they were soft and fresh and sweet. Probably still a tiny bit too sweet for me (I figured since I was buying extra donuts I was allowed one even though I don’t normally have them) but I guess that’s just what the coffee is for.

It also made me the donut hero for the day. People were really happy. I’m pretty sure they’ll default back to Greggs next time but for one Friday we got something a bit more special. Now I’m curious about other donut places. I’d try Big Licks in Finnieston, but coffee is at 11 am and they don’t open until lunch time. I’ve heard good things about Hot Donut in Hyndland though, so maybe next time it’s my turn I’ll try them out. Watch this space. Don’t settle for Greggs.

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/130197254100/coffee-and-donuts


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