Winter wardrobe trouble

I find it really hard to justify spending money on clothes. As I type this I’m wearing a pair of jeans I bought in a charity shop for £3.50, a t-shirt that’s 6 years old and a cardigan that’s 8 years old. The t-shirt is getting a bit threadbare but the cardigan is holding up well, even if it is missing a button.


Thing is, as I’m sure many a nerd will tell you, winter is coming. No matter how little I might want to spend on new clothes I’ll have to make some compromises. One of these will be on shoes. Don’t get me wrong – I love shoes. My reluctance to spend money on shoes is far less than my reluctance to spend it on clothes, really it only exists because I am forced to keep a fairly tight budget.

These won’t be beautiful shoes, though. I walk half an hour to work every day and half an hour back. Sometimes I walk further if I need to go somewhere else. I don’t drive and I avoid spending money on public transport unless the distances are unreasonable. I do this in Glasgow, Scotland and soon I’ll be doing this in Glasgow’s winter. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to wear nice but very comfortable boots for most days. For the worst days, the best option is walking shoes or walking boots. It doesn’t matter that I’m not going mountain climbing – this will be necessary to keep my feet warm and dry and to minimise the chance of slipping on ice.

It’s a bit demoralising. I do like clothes and fashion but when you’re limited financially as well as by what will stand up to the weather it’s easy to end up hating your entire wardrobe, the way you look and everything else. There’s no point in doing my hair and make-up when it will be ruined by the first half of my walk to work – my hair gets put up in a bun whilst still damp. Make-up is basic or absent unless there’s a special occasion and then it gets done on site when I arrive. I can only wear skirts and dresses on days when the weather is good enough to avoid walking boots because… well… nothing ruins the look of a pretty dress faster than a pair of muddy walking boots. Even a pair of clean walking boots.

I’ve experimented with changing shoes when I get to work but that means either keeping a pair at my desk or carrying them in. I already object to how much I have to carry and if I abandon a pair of shoes at work that’s one less pair I can wear the rest of the time.

Honestly, though, it’s still better than summer. At least once I’ve got normal boots and walking boots I have a contingency plan. It has been a very long time since I’ve had summer shoes I’ve been totally happy with and the weather during Glasgow’s summers is so unpredictable that I routinely end up with wet feet, or else I overheat.

I don’t know what everyone else does. I guess they drive? Or they don’t have so far to walk? Or maybe they do just change shoes when they arrive and they get to work super early so they can do hair and make-up when they arrive? Does anyone know? Does anyone have a similar situation? What do you do?

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