Coffee addiction

Once upon a time I didn’t like coffee. Hell, once upon a time I didn’t even like tea. I remember the first time I tried tea and liked it was when I’d fallen out of my tree house and whilst I’d miraculously avoided anything much worse than a bruise I was a bit shaken up. My mother, who is adorable, gave me a cup of tea with milk and lots of sugar to calm me down. I have no idea why she thought this would work but either it does or the placebo effect convinced me it would so in that instance it worked a treat.


Isn’t that a twee story?

Flash forward to me being about 17 and I was drinking lots and lots of tea of various varieties, with or without milk but never with sugar. At this point I would very occasionally have a very weak cup of very milky coffee. The only thing I would order from Starbucks was a caramel frapaccino (such a teenage white girl omg).

Flash forward to me being about 20 and I would migrate to coffee shops to study rather than attempting to do so in my freezing student flat or overcrowded University Library. I practically lived in the iCafe down the road from my flat in the Woodlands area of Glasgow.

Even so, I didn’t always order coffee and usually it was a latte (latte is still my go to drink but I do drink coffee in other forms now). Too much coffee would make me feel ill and I didn’t see it as an every day thing. My flatmate was a die hard coffee addict and would occasionally make me a cup when he was brewing it.

Flash forward again to now and, as a PhD student in physics my coffee consumption has gone exponential. I have at least one cup whilst at work, sometimes as many as four, plus cups of tea, of course. Drinking coffee doesn’t mean I don’t drink tea any more.

It was during my PhD that I discovered that I don’t hate espresso, as I had originally thought. I discovered this in Italy. Turns out I only hate bad espresso. Shocker.

Now I’ve just arranged to go the Glasgow coffee festival in October with a whole bunch of coffee-addicted friends*. Given that I already own two cafetieres and a Moka pot, and that this event will include access to a bunch of masterclasses and will be all about trying coffee and checking out cool new stuff this might not be the best plan. Especially since my other half doens’t like coffee.

Oh well.

*Edit: It has been rightly pointed out that one of these friends isn’t coffee addicted. So yes, that should be “coffee addicted friends and @rhys1812.” Fortunately for him there will now also be at least one company selling tea, one selling beer and one selling curry, so he shouldn’t get too bored.

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/130543788820/coffee-addiction


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