It takes me way too long to put up art

I find art difficult to choose. I’m not a very artistic person and it’s difficult to know where to start. My sister is very artistic and, since she’s a photographer, a lot of the images on my walls are photographs by her. Sometimes putting those up is easy, especially when they’re already framed. Sometimes they wait just as long as anything else. It’s not because I don’t love the images – it’s just something that I’m always “getting around to.”

A beautiful photo by my photo

So this beauty  (above) stayed in an envelope for almost a year before I bought a frame for it – I’m not actually crazy about the frame but frames are expensive and I do not have a huge amount of money. It’s one of five photographs on my walls, four of which were taken by my sister and all of which took too long to put up. I usually buy frames online (eventually) and frame the picture when the frame arrives. Then there’s another wait period before I can be bothered to actually put it on the wall.

The Moon’s surface but with a weird map projection. What’s not to like?

This image (above) we found the week that my boyfriend moved in. We recently celebrated having lived together for a year. It took me about 8 months to get it printed. Then another three to finally order a frame for it. Then the frame arrived without any way of mounting it on the wall so I waited another month to get some D-rings. Then I ordered to picture wire. That arrived today… I still haven’t put the picture up yet. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next weekend? Not now.

I want to go back!

Weirdly, this one (which I brought back from Curacao) only took me about a month and most of that was find a frame to fit it’s weird aspect ratio. I think I was having an unusually productive day and really wanted it up on the wall because of its bright colours. Plus, I didn’t have anything apart from a frame to keep it in and I was afraid of it getting damaged.

Yeah, I’m a nerd…

On the other hand this waited in a wardrobe for 2 years before I moved to a place where I even could put it up. After that I had it on a wall within 3 months. Good going, huh? Well no, it isn’t, it’s worse than that. My Dad put it up for me when he came over because he saw I hadn’t done it yet.

I want more art but it’s hard to justify. I’ve recently found a couple of sites (my favourite being unsplash.com) which do really cool free printables and I’m tempted to get them printed. But then they’ll just sit in poster tubes and envelopes for months before I finally get around to doing anything with them. I want a bunch more mirrors too – that’s not happening because I hate all the mirrors I can afford. I still shop for them occasionally but seriously, there are a lot mirrors with ugly frames out there.

I’m normally a really organised person. Seriously, I am. I have no idea why this happens with pictures. Does anyone else do this?

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/130890931060/it-takes-me-way-too-long-to-put-up-art


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