Presents for kids

I’ve said it before but my partner is part of a huge family. One advantage of this is the hundreds (ok, 11) children in that family. It can be a bit intimidating around Christmas and birthdays if you’re not used to a lot of kids running around but once you get used to it they are pretty much all entirely hilarious.


Plus this means an excuse to buy toys. Eleven kids means eleven birthdays and eleven presents to buy at Christmas. The oldest ones mostly will be happy with video games, DVDs or Amazon vouchers, they’re easy (and a little boring) to buy for.

The very youngest pretty much wants a teddy bear or some play-doh. All the ages in between want something either Frozen, or Marvel, or maybe Inside Out or Despicable Me themed. Whatever the most recent big kids movie is, chances are they liked it and want everything in their life to remind them of it.

As it happens toy shops are more than happy to oblige. The generic teddy bears pick up the theme, the art supplies pick up the theme, so do the water pistols, toy cars, toy dolls, picture books and so on and so on. Sure, it’s a money spinner, but it’s also a surprisingly cheap way to make kids happy.

Recent birthday gifts have been a 3D puzzle of a skull, a Google Play voucher, a Sesame Street teddy and a Despicable Me art set (with stickers!) We aren’t crazy about gifting Barbie dolls because… they don’t really do anything. On the other hand I don’t think we’ve ever felt restricted by that. I do love giving Lego to everyone but it’s not especially cheap, so unless they’ve expressed a specific desire for Lego, that doesn’t always happen.

Anyway, it turns out toy shops are amazing. I’d forgotten how much fun they were to wander around. Sometimes we have to get in touch with the parents to check it’s ok to give their little angel, for example, a spud gun. Sometimes we take a risk and get the kid the really annoying toy that will play that same sound effect or song over and over and over. Weirdly the parents don’t hate us yet so perhaps it’s just a drop in the ocean.

Christmas is coming up now and I think there’s only two birthdays before it. So, we’re going to spend a fair bit of time in toy shops over the coming months and I actually can’t wait. Only problem is, I kind of want to play with the stuff myself. I might have to treat myself to some Lego or something.

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/131615758130/presents-for-kids


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