Driving Lessons

When I turned 17 my parents gave me money for my birthday to get driving lessons. I bought a pair of boots. They were amazing. I think I wore them like 5 times.


When I was 21 my parents gave me money for my birthday to get driving lessons. I bought a case of wine. It was amazing. It didn’t last all that long.

While I don’t regret those decisions the truth is that I am now 26, very nearly 27, and I cannot drive. I live in Glasgow, in Scotland and I have always lived close enough to where I’ve worked and studied for walking to be feasible. When I want to get elsewhere the city has fantastic public transport – the subway and local trains are astonishingly cheap and the buses aren’t bad either. So why learn to drive? It’s not like I could afford to keep a car.

Well, now I might need to get a job soon. Ok, there’s no might about it – I will need to get a job soon. Maybe it will be walking distance or maybe not. Maybe I’ll be able to take public transport or maybe not. Being a physicist there’s a good chance I’ll get a job in industry, maybe for a laser company or a semi-conductors company. In which case there’s a decent chance they will be based on an industrial estate.

Guess where local trains don’t go?

So maybe it’s worth trying to pass a driving test in the next few months. Driving lessons aren’t cheap, and I’ll need to pass my theory first. Not sure where the money for either of those is going to come from, but I’ll figure it out. I still won’t be able to afford a car but at least if I have a license that’s something I can figure out later.

I actually really don’t want a car. Cars are horrid. I don’t want to drive. Driving is silly. I do want a job and if that’s what’s going to stand between me and the ability to eat food and pay rent when I guess I’m willing to compromise.

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/131743722305/driving-lessons


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