Glasgow Coffee Festival

A little while ago I got a group of friends together and we went to the second Glasgow Coffee Festival. Apparently the first was last year (2014) and I would have gone but I never heard about it. I was surprised at how many friends were interested in going and we were organised enough to get a bunch of early bird tickets, so that was cool.  As I mentioned before, I love coffee, so I was looking forward to this.

The festival started at 10 am – much earlier than I’d normally do anything on a Saturday. I mean, I might be awake by 10 am on a Saturday but there’s not much chance I’ll have left my flat. I can do it if there’s a good reason, though, and this seemed like a good enough reason. Plus, if I was tired, there was obviously going to be coffee there, so no problem with that.


So off we went. Our tickets got us entry, one free coffee from the vendor of our choice and access to a bunch of master classes. I chose a latte from theRoundSquare Roastery for my free cup – it was smooth and delicious and exactly what I needed since I hadn’t really woken up by that point. The group dispersed and came back together quite comfortably across the event as people explored. I wandered up to the inevitable Yelp stall (yeah, I’m totally still a Yelp addicthere’s my Yelp page) to chat and get some freebies: a bag, lip balm, pen, bottle opener, pair of gloves and some mints, and then I wandered on to do investigate more stalls.

Apart from other coffee vendors there were a few places selling food – mostly sweet baked goods and chocolates but also soups, stews, sandwiches bagels and schawarma. I got an amazing vegetable stew from McCune Smith and now I have to make some excuse to head up towards Duke Street in Glasgow to visit their main cafe. I mean, how often does a non-vegetarian describe a vegetable stew as “amazing” without being ironic? The rest of the food has just got to be worth tasting.


BrewDog where there too, because you can’t have a hipster event without BrewDog showing up. They were selling Punk IPA as well as a coffee beer and a coffee flavoured beer. Apparently that’s different. By the time I visited them I’d had kind of enough coffee, so I stuck to Punk just for the sake of a change.

This was all going on in The Briggait. It used to be a fish market but now is mostly used for this kind of thing. It’s also where the StrEAT Festival was held a while back, and I think where they’ll be holding the future StrEAT Festivals. It’s not an enormous venue, but is just right for something this size and it’s really good looking. It has a very high ceiling with huge windows in it so there’s tonnes of natural light. Unfortunately, given that this event happened in October in Glasgow, that also meant it was pretty chilly.

So, now I know how to do coffee festivals. They’re very different to beer festivals in that there’s no real risk that you’ll accidentally drink too much. They’re fun but I don’t think I’ll be going to the Scottish Coffee Festival in November – it’s just too soon. I reckon you don’t need more than about 1 coffee festival every 6 months or so. Then again, if people didn’t get to the Glasgow one I’m sure the Scottish one is fun. If you go (or if you’re reading this after the festival but you were there) let me know about it.

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