TV series review: Rick and Morty, Season 1

A friend nagged me to watch this on and off for like six months before I eventually caved and mentioned it to my partner. Naturally, he had seen part of it before and said maybe we should watch it together from the start.

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty, Season 1

I’m not really very good at TV. I have no problem with watching a movie at the cinema because there’s no distractions, you’re at the cinema; sit down, shut up and watch. At home, not so much, I want to get up and do something else because there’s so much other stuff to be done. So the outcome is I don’t watch very much TV and when I do it’s normally my partner who convinces me to sit down to do it as he did with Rick and Morty.

I quite like certain cartoons but they can be hit and miss. So, I love Archer and Futurama and South Park can be good, but Family Guy can fuck off and the Simpsons is depressingly unfunny. I knew some people involved with Archer had also been involved with Rick and Morty though, so that was promising. Also, apparently people involved with the sitcom, Community, had worked on it, and I’d loved what I’d seen of Community.

I’ve now watched the whole series. The only reason that happened is because the episodes are only about 20 minutes long. I hated the first episode. I don’t like the art style, I didn’t think the jokes were funny, Rick is awful and gross, the voice acting for both Rick and Morty is really annoying. The only part I didn’t hate about the first episode was the theme tune.

However, giving something 20 minutes is kind of limited so I decided to give episode 2 a shot. It was better. Rick was still gross, the voice acting was still annoying and I’m still not crazy about the art but the jokes were funnier and the other characters were growing on me. Before I knew it I was 4 episodes in.

Now, it’s kind of fun. There are still parts that annoy me but not quite as much as they did. I’m not sure if it actually gets better as the series progresses or if I just got used to it. It’s very easy watching too, as I guess you’d expect from a cartoon. I’ll probably watch season 2 at some point, so I guess that makes it a success.

I mean, I’d still rather be watching Archer but the new season won’t be out ‘til at least January so what can you do?

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