Wanderlust List

I mentioned a while back that my summer holiday inspired me to do more saving for travelling and then, naturally enough, to do more travelling. So, we’ve now got that system set up (although there’s definitely still room for Scottish Power to mess up again) so the next question is: Where to go?


My temptation would be to oscillate from East to West. Last time we went West so next time we should go East. Sure, there are places North and South I’d visit, as well as places really close by. Europe is cool, we should go see more of it, and we will. So lets say this is a general idea rather than a hard and fast rule.

That said, if we went East, we could go to The Seychelles, and I am extremely up for that. I mean, sure, it can’t happen this summer. Because even with our plans to save up we’ll both be out of a job by March. Y’know, though… one day.

So, in the interest of daydreaming exactly as hard as I can, I have (like everyone else on the internet who likes travelling) made a Pinterest board! Woo hoo!

It’s here. It’s not a complete list of everywhere I’d like to visit and I’ve limited myself to one pin per country which is just silly if we’re going to be realistic, but it’s kind of a starting point. No doubt I’ll break the one pin per country rule at some point.

It would be cool though, if I could steadily remove each country that’s on this board and give them their own board as I visit them. Like the boards I already have dedicated to Curacao and South Korea. Not that there isn’t more to see of Curacao and South Korea – just that now I’ve been I have a bit more to say about them.

So yeah, I have wanderlust. Glasgow’s awesome and I love living here but… you’d got to leave every now and then, right?

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