The Scottish Power Saga continues

A fair while ago I posted this about how incompetent Scottish Power are. Long story short: They’re so incompetent that their incompetence paid for a holiday in the Caribbean for two this summer. So that was nice.

Before you read anything else let me give you this advice. If you’re in the UK and you’re having trouble with your energy company then complain. Complain as much and as often as possible and ask them to consider your complaints as “an official complaint” so they can’t write them off as “customer feedback” or whatever. If you complained 4 weeks ago and your problem hasn’t been solved, contact Ofgem – they’re the energy ombudsman and their job is to solve these problems. It’s worth doing because quite often there’s money in it for you.

Still true.

Ok. So Ofgem had made Scottish Power get their act together. Things were starting to work. I was getting energy, sending meter readings and paying for what I used. Everything worked fine for two whole months.

Now, the situation is this: For some reason, my direct debit has been set to £0.00 per month. Whilst that’s a very reasonable price I suspect it’s an error. I’ve told Scottish Power this and they’ve agreed and said that they’d get back to me in 5 working days.

Naturally, that didn’t happen. I left it a month, entered another meter reading and I’ve contacted them again. This time I said “please consider this an official complaint” so they can’t simply ignore it. I also told them that I’ll contact the Ombudsman if they don’t fix things.

Now, secretly, or rather, not secretly at all, I hope they continue to fail for the next year. I hope that once again my boyfriend and I put money aside to pay a large bill that never comes and that once again our account gets wiped clean when they realise they can’t figure out what to do with out.

However, I will absolutely do everything I’m supposed to do. I will keep sending emails and meter readings. I’ll keep putting money aside, rather than assuming that £0.00 is the proper price for the energy I’m using. I will go through the proper channels to get the problem solved. Probably I’ll just end up paying for what I’ve used and that’s fine, but in the back of my mind I’ll be hoping for another holiday.

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/132271225410/the-scottish-power-saga-continues

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