Movie review: Sicario

A couple of weeks ago I saw Sicario, a film about CIA and FBI agents dealing with Mexican drugs cartels and quite often having to break the rules to do so.


The trailer didn’t give too much away, except that Emily Blunt played the main role as an FBI agent and that they would be crossing the US/Mexico boarder to get their job done. I was apprehensive that this would mean it was a case of American agents crossing the boarder, fixing everything that the incompetent Mexicans couldn’t manage, saving the day and patting themselves on the back.

I’m delighted to report that it wasn’t that. It wasn’t anywhere near so sickeningly simplified nor so patriotic. In fact it was harshly critical of America’s part in the drugs infrastructure that they’ve been at “war” against for so long. It’s alarming, brutal and scary but never too gruesome. As the movie goes on you, and Blunt, are consistently kept in the dark about what’s really happening until the absolute last moment.

I’m not sure it will be hailed as a feminist movie: Emily Blunt is the only real female character so passing the Bechdel-Wallace test is impossible. However, it definitely passes the sexy lamp test and Blunt’s character is driven and well rounded, fully fleshed out character who isn’t just there to be a damsel in distress. She’s the only person who ever saves her life and she spends plenty of time saving the lives of others.

Worth a watch, if you can handle a bit of violence.

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