New page on the blog

Note: This was originally posted on my Tumblr, here. So… Well… it doens’t make a lot of sense yet. Because right now I’m migrating all my Tumblr posts across to WordPress and I am a WordPress rookie and have no idea how to do things like adding new sections. However, I will totally do this once the job of post migration is complete – whether I remember to update this or not is a different matter…


I’ve been doing this “one blog post per day” thing since 7th September, so nealr for 2 months. So far I’ve been doing ok and haven’t missed a day but I do tend to write 90% of my posts at the weekend and just tweek them a bit before posting them each day. That’s because I feel guilty if I’m writing anything through the week that isn’t my thesis.

I’ve realised that I also still love reblogging stuff from the rest of Tumblr. I’m really good at tagging my own blogs (maybe too good… some of those posts have a lotof tags) and really terrible at tagging reblogs. Anyway, the outcome of all this reblogging of other stuff means that it can be hard to find my original posts on my main blog page. It’s also hard for me to keep track of what I’ve written about – even with the tags to help me.

So I’ve added a new page to my main blog. It’s basically a quick explanation and then a bunch of links to everything. I’ve tried to put things in relatively sensible categories, at least for the stuff I blog about most frequently. Hopefully this will make life a bit easier.


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