Charity shop jeans

I’ve mentioned before that I struggle to justify spending money on clothes. One area where this is particularly true is when that money is to be spent on jeans.


I love jeans. I go through phases of almost living in them sometimes. However, they’re definitely pricey – at least jeans of good quality are. Even when I spend a lot of money I still tend to find that they deteriorate depressingly quickly. If you spend £50 on something and it only lasts 6 months it’s hard to convince yourself that it’s worth spending another £50 on a replacement.

So, with one exception when I found a pair in a sale for £7, for the past 3 years I’ve bought every pair of jeans I’ve owned in charity shops. Usually, I’ve done this during my lunch break at work in one of the many charity shops on Byres Road in Glasgow’s West End. I think my favourites are the Red Cross Shop and the Cancer Research Shop, but I’ll look in all of them to find a pair I like and that fits.

The downside is that I’m rarely in “this season’s” jeans but then, I’m rarely in this season’s anything. I’m not wealthy enough and I struggle to find clothes I actually like as it is – I can’t change my entire wardrobe every three months. That’s just not feasible for me.

The upside is that I’ve rarely spent more than £5 on a pair and usually they’re in great condition and are from stores I wouldn’t be able to afford to shop in at full price. Given that my criteria for jeans are usually limited to price, fit and colour it’s quite easy to do. If I want a pair of black skinny jeans that cost £5 and fit me I can probably find them without looking in more than 3 shops. If I want indigo bootcut jeans that cost £5 and fit me I’d be surprised to not find them in the first place I tried.

You probably can just about get clothes this cheap from Primark but this way I’m giving money to charity rather than to a company who can only exist because of sweatshop labour, so that’s yet another bonus. At this point I’m thinking of branching out to other clothes too – I’ve started browsing belts and jackets but I’ve not taken the plunge yet. Mostly because there’s been nothing I’ve needed as much as I normally need jeans. I’ll try it soon, though.

Don’t just walk past the charity shops on your high street. They’re a gold mine and they do a great service. Donate unwanted stuff to them to simplify your life and to help them function and consider them when you’re looking for clothes and other items. I genuinely recommend it.

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