TV series review: Rubicon

My partner persuaded me to watch this with him. It was one he’d seen part of before but that was a long time ago and he’d never finished the series. We agreed that we’d start it from the beginning.


The first thing I want to say is that they should have made more of it. It was unfairly cancelled after one season – I would have hapily watched at least 3 seasons of it. Without spoiling anything I think the ending was re-written when they realised it was getting cancelled. I’d love to know what they were originally planning on doing with it.

The series follows Will, an intelligence specialist working in a fictional organisation who’s job it is to pull together intelligence from CIA, FBI, interpol, etc with the goal of preventing terrorist attacks against the US. He spots a pattern in a series of cryptic crossword puzzles and brings it to his boss. His boss tells him it’s nothing but passes it on to his boss and shows up dead not long afterwards.

Meanwhile Katherine, the wife of a businessman, starts to wonder if her husband’s recent suicide might have been more than it seemed. All of this feeds into a greater conspiracy that is slowly unravelled by Will as the series goes on.

It was desperately compelling and the characters were well written and well acted. I’d recommend watching it even if it is extremely annoying that no more will be made. I suspect it was cancelled for being a bit too clever, or possibly a bit too unpatriotic.

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