App review: Pedometer

I walk a lot. I know I’ve mentioned this before and although I whinge a bit when the weather is bad I actually really don’t mind. I go through shoes fairly quickly but y’know, walking is good for you and shoes are cheaper than, say, petrol.

So I got curious and wonder how much I actually am walking. Before I had a smart phone I had a Sony Ericsson phone I really liked and one of its features was a pedometer. It would tell me not only how many steps I’d done in a given day but also how many since I got the phone. Then it would make assumptions about things like step size and tell me how far I’d walked in terms of distances to cities across the world. So I’d get to London, then to Paris and I’d be excited about being half way to Beijing or whatever.

I downloaded a Pedometer app for my current phone. I couldn’t see anything with that kind of feature so I just chose one called “Pedometer” that was available free for Android.


So far I quite like it. I can tell it when to start and stop, so it doesn’t bother trying to count steps at 3 am. It tells me how many steps I take, how long I walk for, how many calories I burn and my average walking speed. I can look by day, week or month. Also it makes graphs! I love a good graph.

You can put in personal information if you want great accuracy. For example, you’ll get a more accurate calorie count if you tell it your age, gender, weight etc (if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in). Or you can tell it your actual step size to get a better idea of the distances you’re covering.

I’ve discovered that it takes me about 4500 steps to get to work, so my average number of steps in a day is almost always comfortably about 10,000, which is a number I’ve heard before as something to aim for. So that’s cool. I also walk for somewhere between one and three hours most days. Also, when I work from home it plummets so I try to remember to do extra exercise on those days.

So if you’re nerdy and like stats and graphs, or if you’re curious about how much you walk, or if you want to walk more for fitness reasons then I definitely recommend Pedometer for Android. I run it on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which is far from being a new phone but I’ve been running it for a month and it’s never crashed. It can comfortably count steps if it’s in my jeans pocket, my hoodie pocket, my hand or my handbag and I see very little difference in accuracy. It’s as reliable as I’d hope for and, as I said, I really like graphs.

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