Game review: Myst Masterpiece Edition

Woooooo. This is an old classic. When I bought it over ten years ago it was already an old classic. I picked it up out of the old classics section for game and they were selling it as part of a three for £10 offer (I also collected Theif 2 and Allister McGhee’s Alice).


The problem with buying several games at once is that if you’re not immediately grabbed by the first game you load up, you’ll abandon it to try the next. That’s exactly what I did. After installing it and clicking around for a while I took the disc out and started on Alice instead.

Then I forgot about it until my boyfriend mentioned it one time and I said “Oh, I’m sure I have a disc for that lying around somewhere.”  I dug it out and we booted it up. My goodness, it shows its age. We played it together, in that we solved the puzzles together, but the navigation is awful – there’s no scrolling through the environment, it’s click by click to get around. Or to turn around. Or to spot a possible path that might just be a bit of background scenery. It’s headache inducing. So when I say we played together I mean he did all the controlling while I watched and made suggestions.

It’s fun though. You land in the world of Myst with no real explanation. It’s deserted but you quickly find a library and two bothers trapped inside books there. They want you to bring them pages, scattered across the worlds of Myst, so that they can escape the books. Each tells you not to trust the other brother and at the end of the game you need to make a tough decision.

The puzzles are infuriating until you solve them. They you’re just infuriated with yourself for not having figured it out faster. I understand that there’s a remastered version available on Steam and if any game needed and deserved remastering more than Myst I couldn’t even guess what it might be.

My suggestion then is to look for that. The game is great but the mechanics just don’t work any more. No one would play this if it were released as a new game, even if it were developed by an amateur, even if they released it for free. Modern gamers don’t have the patience. It is a great game, though, so the remastered version is probably worth checking out.

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