A strange couple of days

I promise this will be the last post on working too much for at least a little while.

Yesterday I got to work at 09:10 and left work at 02:03. I spent the whole day travelling forwards in time. I might be a physicist but that doesn’t seem to mean that I can bend the laws of physics to my will (I know, I feel cheated). So this was the very Long Day I was whinging about yesterday.


At least 30 minutes of that time was me correcting my mistakes as I got more and more tired. I actually held up pretty well until around 1am. Food and caffeine helped, I guess. I would have taken today off, but I had a class to help teach at 9am, so I couldn’t.

I made it in for my class, after about 5 hours sleep. Then I went to the library to run an errand. Then I went to the postgraduate club to pick up breakfast and a coffee. I ate the biggest sandwich ever. I think I’m replacing sleep with food. I’m not convinced it’s working.

Now I’ve got a couple more things to do before the end of the week and I should just do them and then go home and sleep. However, instead I’m back in the lab. I figured I’d come back and re-run a few things. Shouldn’t take me more than an hour and it’ll look nice when I plot the data.

That sounds innocuous enough, right? I’ll do that, grab yet another coffee with my lab mates, send an email or two and then I’ll go home and sleep.

Actually that’s misleading. This is how you know I’ve gone off the deep end, academically. I had 5 hours sleep after 17 hours of work, not 17 hours of watching Netflix and playing Civ. I don’t feel tired in the obvious way but I obviously am because I keep walking into stuff. Objects don’t look fully real. I just tried to unlock the door to my lab with a bottle opener and it took me a few moments to realise what I was doing. I’m lucid enough to run my experiment but… things are odd.

Thing is, I’m here already so I might as well get something useful done. There’s no way I’m coming in on Saturday to be useful (I intend to sleep until at least 2pm on Saturday) and by Monday it will be too late.

I’m just going to sit here and enjoy my sleep deprivation trip.

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/134052693380/a-strange-couple-of-days


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