Naked wines

Absolutely ages ago, like years ago, a flier for Naked Wines fell out of parcel which contained a book or something I’d ordered from Amazon. It basically offered a super cheap case of 12 wines delivered to my door. I spoke to my flat mates at the time and we agreed to go for it.


No doubt you’ve seen these fliers. They seem to get delivered with all kinds of things. Naked Wines aren’t the only company that do them – I’ve seen them for Virgin Wines and Laithwaites before too (and I’ve taken up their offers as well, at one time or another).

The wine arrived, it was delicious and we enjoyed it. We didn’t think anything much else of it. I got emails about the wines that were available every now and then and somehow never quite got around to unsubscribing from their mailing list. After about 2 years they called me and said,

“Hi, you’ve not ordered from us for ages and we’d like you to give us another shot. Can we send you 12 bottles of wine? It’s free but it would be cool if you could pay postage.”

Postage is about £5 so naturally I said yes. The wine arrived, it was delicious and we enjoyed it. Probably even more so because it was free. Again, I never quite got around to unsubscribing from the mailing list.

Not long after this I graduated and started my PhD. I now had a proper income, rather than just my student loan and so when Naked Wines called me and asked if I’d like to be a Naked Angel I said yes. I put £20 a month into a wine account – I can withdraw that at any time, I can skip months at any time and I can end my subscription at any time. When I’ve built up enough money for a case, I order one. Because I’m a subscriber I get big discounts on bottles and cases and there’s usually a free special bottle available to get as a bonus at the beginning of each month – if you’re placing an order.

I’d guess I’ve probably ordered from them around 8 times now. Not very often (its been a few years) because it takes a while for the subscriptions to add up, but I always look forward to getting a new case delivered. I’ve also discovered that if you have enough (or even nearly enough) for a case of wine and you don’t order anything they start to send you increasingly impressive offers to try to get you to order. That’s a lot of fun.

My PhD will be ending soon and it will be hard to justify a subscription to Naked Wines when I no longer have an income. I plan to call them and ask how long I can put my account on hold for and to hopefully re-open it as soon as I get a new job. In the meantime I’ll be enjoying my most recent order.

If you’ve got a Naked Wines flier with a discount but you’re not sure I really recommend trying them out. I’ve found them to have the best customer service people of almost any company I’ve ever used, so don’t worry about trouble fixing problems or sending back wines you didn’t like. If you don’t have a flier and you want one, I probably have a few lying around – give me a nudge and I’m sure I can find one for you.

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/134126366855/naked-wines


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