As I mentioned in this post, the time I have to listen to something with a set of headphones is kind of limited these days. I like podcasts but the only time I’m really likely to listen to one is if I’m travelling alone by bus (if I’m on a train or plane I’m more like to read). That’s not something I do all that often so it’s important that I have a set of high quality podcasts, downloaded and ready to go, so I don’t waste time faffing about trying to get internet access or to figure out what I want to listen to.

Most of my favourite podcasts are ones I’ve discovered through my partner. He manages to make a lot of time to listen to them but he has a kind of skill for constantly consuming media. If he’s reading this he should take it as a compliment, not a critisicism – it’s something I wish I were better at.

Anyway, here’s a short list of my favourites (in no particular order):

No such thing as a fish and Answer me this are both great for fans of trivia and general knowledge. The former is made by the QI elves and the latter asks listeners to call or email in with their questions. Both are very funny.

How did this get made is fantastic for anyone who enjoys a bad movie night. On one week they’ll announce which terrible movie they’ll be watching and on the second week they’ll discuss it. The worst idea of all time is also about bad movies but this time, as a kind of experiment, two podcasters decided to get together to watch Grown Ups 2 once a week for a year. The podcast is them discussing the experience afterward. In the second yera they choose to watch Sex And The City 2, I guess because they hate joy.

The Bugle features John Oliver (of Last Week Tonight) and Andy Zaltzman making comedy around news and current events. If you like Last Week Tonight but wish it featured more puns, this is for you.

Guys we’ve fucked is an anti-slut shaming podcast by two comedians discussing their sexual experiences. They invite on guests, usually people they’ve slept with, and discuss (and often laugh about) these experiences.

Gamewank was a Scottish video games review podcast which I used to love because it would make me laugh embarassingly whilst alone on public transport. It’s still worth going back and listening to the old episodes. I miss it.

Hardcore history is long, in-depth podcasts about a range of historical topics. They’re very well researched and obviously take a fair while to produce. I’d compare these to going to a very good series of public lectures.

So, there you have it. What do you think? Do you love any of these? Are there any others I should have included? What are your favourites?

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/134398275610/podcasts


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