Product review: 17 Tattoo Me Eyeliner

I picked up a new eyeliner a little while ago (mentioned here and here). I’m not an eyeliner pro. I learned to do eyeliner on my top lid in 2013 (before that I only ever did my lower water line). I’ve owned like 3 eyeliners ever. I only got brave enough to try a liquid liner earlier this year and even then, it was the felt tip pen kind. It Magic Liner by Topshop, in case anyone’s wondering, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.


So, trying a brush and dip-pot style liquid eyeliner is a brave move for me. When I got it home I also discovered that it was claiming to be an ultra long-lasting eyeliner. It was comparing itself to permanent make up. Obviously a bit of a silly claim but to me that’s a pretty major concern. It means that if I mess up I’m going to look daft for much longer.


So I decided to try it on a Thursday evening before a Friday when I was planning to work from home and knew I wouldn’t have to go out and see anyone.




It was actually pretty easy to use, even with my unsteady hand. Although I did end up doing that thing where you end up thickening a line because you messed up and had to correct it. That’s not really the eyeliner’s fault, though. It went on smoothly, dried quickly and, even if I do say so myself, didn’t look half bad. Although, if anyone can tell me how they apply this kind of eyeliner without getting any of it on their lashes as they do it, I would love to know.

It’s also pretty serious about lasting well. I didn’t exactly scrub with make up remover, but I pre-cleanse before I cleanse and that’s usually enough to remove all of my make up. That evening I cleansed. The next morning I cleansed. Now, I didn’t pay loads of attention to my eyes, as I would if I were trying to remove eye make-up, but I didn’t ignore them either.



After that next morning disintegrating and by the evening it was almost entirely gone but this is fantastic news for someone who normally smears her eye make up by rubbing her eyes when tired. No way is this stuff going to budge. It also gets credit for staying on when I spent so much time outdoors in particularly stormy Glaswegian weather. I guess it might last even longer if I’d applied a primer or something first.

Now, if I wear this with Maybelline 24 hour colour stay I’ll only need to do my make up on a Friday night and I’ll be good for the whole weekend, right?

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