Soap making

Recently I decided to try my hand at making my own soaps. I ordered some soap base, some silicone muffin cases and a stamp from eBay. When they arrived I decided I wanted to make 3 different citrus-themed soaps.



To make soap in this way you just melt the little cubes of soap base in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water. When its melted you can add whatever you like, whether that’s essential oils, colourings or scents, or, I guess, even stuff like glitter. Then you pour it into your moulds (that’s what the muffin cases were for) and wait for it to set. If you want to stamp it, like I wanted to stamp mine, you need to do this after they’ve been setting for about 20 minutes or so.



I chose to make mint and lime, grapefruit and basil and a very festival orange and cinnamon soap. Turns out it’s really easy. In each case I just zested a fruit, and added the zest along with very finely chopped herbs or powdered spice to the melted soap base.



I’m planning to give trios of citrus soaps to one or two people as Christmas gifts. I’ve been wanting to do home made Christmas gifts for years but have never been brave enough. This is a bit of a trial run – I’ll give them to people I already have presents for. So now all I need is some labels and some pretty paper to wrap them in and some kind of container and they’ll make quite cute little gifts.


So, what do you think? Would you be happy to receive home made soaps? Would you have a go at making your own?

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