Ladies That Lift

The instructor for my favourite fitness class has had to put her classes on hiatus until after the new year because of a new job. Meanwhile, I’m here, getting twitchy and wondering how all the delicious Christmas food I’m going to eat is going to compliment all the exercise I’m not going to do.


Unfortunately, I realised that this was happening a bit too late. So I managed to get in just one extra fitness class before that too stopped for Christmas. However, even though I’ve only had one class so far, I feel like telling you about it. I enjoyed it and fully plan to go back in January so if it turns out my first class was a fluke for being good (yeah, I doubt that) then I’ll update this.

The class was Ladies That Lift*, run by Andy Graydon, of AG Fitness Training. As it happened, I booked in on an unusually quiet day. Usually Andy limits his class sizes to 6, so they’re already pretty small, but on this day, thanks to a couple of cancellations, I was the only one there.

That was perfect for me as a beginner. It meant I basically got a personal training session Andy’s main work is as a personal trainer so that was no problem for him. I could ask all the questions I wanted as we went along. I was kind of intimidated by the whole weight lifting thing, but I do want to get stronger and it was really obvious, really quickly how to make that happen. Especially when we were working on muscle groups I don’t use very much.

So, I’m not aiming to become a body builder or anything but I wouldn’t mind getting guns… or abs.

*Yeah, I think it should be Ladies Who Lift, too. Then again, who am I to tell a guy how to run his business?


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