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Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

It’s starting to get quite festive in the flat now!


We put up the Christmas tree not long ago. I think it might need some more baubles, maybe a star or something as a topper? I like the silver, though. I feel like silver is the best option for Christmas tree decorations unless you’re going to do something really cool and I just don’t have the budget for that kind of tree aesthetic.


I’m really enjoying my Thornton’s Advent calendar. I’m not normally a seasonal chocolates fan. I’m not big on Easter eggs or advent calendars, but this one is basically a box of chocolates. Easting one of Thornton’s Continental collection chocolates every day is waaaay better than eating a plain, substandard chunk of Dairy Milk in the shape of a star or a bell or whatever. I do still forget to open it some days, but then I get double chocolate the next day, so on balance it’s all good. I’ll definitely look for something similar next year.

We’ve also already had a bunch of Christmas cards arrive. People are awfully organised! We’re like 99% done with Christmas shopping and most of the gifts have been wrapped. Plus, I opened some mulled wine the other day, and it’s my boyfriend’s work Christmas do today, and mine on Friday. So it really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.


Soon we’ll leave work altogether to go spend time with family. This year we’re going to his family home for Christmas itself and then to mine for New Year. We’ll have just over two weeks off, although inevitably we’ll end up doing some work even if we’re not in the university. In any case, I just can’t wait to stop and rest. I don’t mind doing a bit of work if it’s while I’m sitting in front of the fire and eating mince pies.


Are you ready for Christmas? Are you feeling Christmassy yet? What are your plans?

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