Getting organised

Sunday is usually my “sort your life out” day. I have more time to properly straighten out the flat, to do laundry, to deal with those emails I’ve not been able to give proper attention to, to send a meter reading to Scottish Power (lol) and to do whatever else might make Monday morning that little bit easier.

That said, it’s not like I’m actively putting this stuff off. I really like organising things. It’s cathartic. One of my favourite offline, technology free things to do is organise my drawers and wardrobe. After a few months of not really paying attention, my tshirt drawer starts to look like this:


After 20 minutes of pulling everything out and re-folding it (do I have too many t-shirts? Maybe…):


I can put everything back, all nice and neat, in colour coordinated groups. Just like this:


See, doesn’t that just make you feel so calm? I actually sleep better knowing that in the morning when I open my drawers I’ll see that instead of the first image. It’s how things should be. Also, look how much more space I have now! I could easily buy another 10-15 t-shirts and not worry about where they’re going to go.

Likewise, I want to organise everything else. Part of this is throwing things away. I don’t like having too much stuff because when you have too many things it’s hard to find them a proper home. Then they just tend to get in the way, or end up getting shoved to one side and eventually damaged and you have to throw them out anyway. I mean, ideally, I’d never accumulate them in the first place but once I realise I have, it can be really nice to dump a bunch of them into a bin bag, or to take a bunch to a charity shop. Then you have all this lovely space for things you actually like!

Now, I’m totally not a minimalist (if I were I wouldn’t organise stuff, I’d re-prioritise it… or something). I like certain aspects of the minimalism thing, like no clutter and clean lines. On the other hand I also love books and you can trust me when I say my books aren’t going anywhere. Sure, I’ll put them back on the shelf when I’m done – I don’t have time for stacks all over the place – but the shelves are better with books on than they are empty. That’s just true. Sorry minimalism.

Sometimes organisation takes the form of planning out my next day. I find out what the weather will be and lay out an outfit. I make my lunch and put it in the fridge. I remove distractions from my room and get an early night with one of the books I refuse to throw out.

Thing is, Mondays are horrible enough without waking up to a massive pile of laundry or dishes that haven’t been done. I just want to be able to get up and leave the flat without worrying about any of that kind of stuff.

Is there anything I’m missing? Could I be doing more to make Mondays easier? Or my life easier? Because, this stuff is genuinely fun to me, I don’t see it as a chore. Send me your ideas.

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