Already enjoying Christmas gifts

Two friends have so far already given me Christmas presents (not including my secret Santa, who wisely gave me chocolate and wine). Since I have no self control or patience whatsoever, I have already opened and started to enjoy them.


One very wonderful and excellent friend who knows me very well (@rhys1812) got me a selection of flavoured coffees. Another very wonderful and excellent friend gave me some home made kiwi jam. I am very lucky to have such wonderful and excellent friends.


This means that I can have the most delicious breakfasts, especially since I’ve now finished work for the year, so I have more time to make and enjoy them. I’ve discovered that kiwi jam is great in Greek yoghurt and that so far, all the coffees I’ve tried are great with or without milk (I’ve yet to try them with coconut milk but it’s only a matter of time).


So I’m feeling very grateful and very lucky. To me a big part of Christmas is eating and drinking lots of delicious stuff, so I’m already off to a great start.

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