Favourite Instagram posts from 2015

I only joined Instagram in 2015. I know, where was I, right? I guess I just didn’t really take many pictures before that but for some reason at some point I saw an Instagram picture on Twitter and I thought I’d give it a try.

I am not a photographer. At all. I point my phone camera at something, I take the photo and, if I’m feeling finicky, I’ll do it again over and over until it looks OK. I have no idea why one out of ten photos of the same thing and very slightly different angles, or in very slightly different light settings, should look better than the other nine photos of that thing. I’m sure there are people who could tell me but for now I’m too lazy and happy enough to blame a combination of my camera and my lack of experience for the rubbish shots.

In spite of being lazy and a rookie I have actually managed to get a few pictures onto Instagram that I actually quite like. Below are my favourites from each month in 2015, starting in January. Some are tbt’s so maybe that’s cheating but they’re my favourites anyway. I hope you like them too! If you want to find me on Instagram I’m @ beckydouglas1. Let me know if I should be following you!

Originally posted here: http://unazukin210.tumblr.com/post/135841638823/favourite-instagram-photos-from-2015


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