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Favourite new things I tried in 2015

I like to try new things whenever I get the chance. I don’t get nearly enough chances but I take them when I do. The best things I tried this year were:

Joining a feminist book club


Ok, so we’ve only met twice and our third planned meeting has been postponed until January but I am loving this group. I hope it does get back together in the New Year or I might have to start my own one.


Again, it’s pretty early days on this. However, I have now done and been paid for my first piece of work. Getting paid was complicated, but that’s more because you have to make sure you’re set up to pay tax, and less because clients are difficult. So far, so good.


I really want to do more of this in 2016. We were going to the Glasgow Climbing Academy and they do cheap sessions on Monday but, unfortunately, Monday is my conditioning class. So I’ve been kind of putting off going back but I definitely need to make an effort because it’s loads of fun.


Actually trying to understand make up a bit more

Maybe you remember those videos that did the rounds a while ago, where people made up only half of their face? I saw one, I think by the make up artist who started it, and was amazed. I watched a few more of her videos, learned a few more skills and, while I’m still not really a huge make up person I’m now finding it fun to play around with different stuff.

Coconut water

No explanation needed here. I tried it and I got hooked. It’s delicious, refreshing and way too damned expensive.


I wasn’t sure about this. I’ve had occasional attempts at blogging before that have kind of fizzled out (maybe this will too but I hope not). I spoke to Charlotte from Colours and Carosels and she inspired me to give it a proper go. So here we are


Yeah yeah, I’ve seen the South Park episode. However, I’ve been having a really great time on Yelp. In Glasgow there’s an active community of friendly people and I’m finding it helpful, just selfishly, as a way to find new places (and to remember the places I’ve already tried).


See Thursday’s post!

Journal club

Eh, whatever, I’m a nerd, I’m comfortable with that. Plus we always pick really interesting articles and we always bring really great snacks to share. You’re missing out on our journal club.

Worst thing I tried? Hello Fresh. That subscription box that delivers ingredients and recipes to you? Nah. Maybe if they sort out their delivery so it would definitely arrive within a two hour slot after I get home from work (you know, like supermakets do?) Maybe if their ingredients were properly fresh or their estimated preparation times were reasonable. As is, it needs work.

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