4th Anniversary


Today I’m celebrating because my partner and I have been together for four years. Unfortunately, this is also the day we need to head back to Glasgow by train, having spent the last week staying with my mum, and tomorrow we have to go back to work.

Still, it’s quite a nice route on the train. We’re going from Leeds to Carlisle via Settle, which is really scenic. There’s a point where everyone gets up to look out of the windows on side to see the Ribblehead viaduct and the company that run the line like to boast that it’s the most scenic railway journey in England. You can even buy DVDs and special, Settle-Carlisle route beer (sadly, the marketing team wasn’t sharp enough to come up with actual root beer).

Taking the scenic route

Because of all the flooding we’ll be delayed getting to Glasgow. We’re likely to arrive feeling a bit tired and grumpy. I guess we’ll bundle all our clothes into the washing machine and then collapse on the sofa. My hopes of going out for a meal to celebrate are likely to be pushed aside in favour of a take away (still good) and we’ll postpone the meal until the weekend… then again, India Quay might still have a table by the time we get back, so if we’re feeling up to leaving the flat again we just might head over there.

It’s weird to think we’ve been together for four years. I’m sure other couples will agree that it’s possible for the time to have flown by and simultaneously for it to feel like a lot longer. I feel like I know him a lot better than should be possible in only four years, which makes it feel longer, but I also can’t believe that it was four whole years ago when we went on our first date. I feel very lucky that its worked so well.


So even though I’m stuck on a train all day, and even though I’ll probably use that time to get some work done, right now I’m feeling very happy, very optimistic and very loved.


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