Product review: Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer

Remember last month I finally got around to trying out a primer and I had a bad experience with one by Seventeen? Well, I was determined to not give up, so while I was home in Leeds I talked to my mum about it. Mum’s a beautician – honestly, I have no idea why I didn’t just ask her in the first place. I guess I’m a fool.


I should say that within hours of me arriving at her home she’d decided that I was in dire need of a facial (she was right, Glasgow’s winter weather destroys my skin) and I didn’t try out the primer she recommended until after my skin had reaped the benefit of that facial. Even so, I think I’d be super impressed even if my skin was still in its worst condition.


She recommended Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer and was even kind enough to give me a couple of sample packets. I’ll need to order a full tube online (or maybe ask her to get me one from the salon she works at) because I’m an instant convert.

It was an SPF of 30 (Thirty!), it’s gloriously smooth, it feels like it’s moisturising and it has a bit of pigment. In fact, the pigment is so good that, unless I was going for a full party look, I don’t think I’d really bother with anything else. Maybe a dab of concealer.

Ok, I look a bit gormless, but look how smooth my skin looks!

I’d forgotten how much I love the tones of the Dermalogica products. You know when you get a foundation that’s just exactly right for your skin tone? How much better it looks that whatever you used before? That’s what I have with these products.

It’s definitely more expensive than something I’d normally buy, but given that it’s Dermalogica, I feel like it’s not just makeup, it’s also good for my skin. So, I’m justifying it because it feels like I get two advantages to using it. Plus it’s really, really good.


This is why you should listen to your mum.


16 thoughts on “Product review: Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer

  1. [Found your blog via the link-up from Memories of the Pacific]

    I’ve only tried a handful of products from Dermalogica, but I’m definitely interested in sampling more. The price is off-putting for me, but if it works, it works!

    My skin has been suffering lately from dryness and the fact that I regularly neglect to use sunscreen. But SPF 30 ain’t no joke!

    By the way, your skin is gorgeous!!


    1. Ok, it’s naughty but here’s a pro tip: Go to a salon that does their stuff, say your friend recommended it but you have super sensitive skin and do they have any samples available so you can try it first? Be warned though: If you try it you may well get addicted because it’s lush 😉

      Also, thank you! That’s so sweet of you!


  2. I’ve never tried Dermatologica but I’ve heard wonderful things about their products.

    Thanks for taking part in the link party, I really appreciate it 🙂


    1. So far I’ve loved every Dermalogica product I’ve tried. Definitely give then a go if you get chance.

      I really enjoyed taking part in the link party! Such a fun idea – I’d definitely take part again 🙂


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