Record Player

I’ve been wanting a record player for about two years, since I moved out of the flat I shared with one of my best friends who owned a record player and, naturally, he decided to take it with him and not just give it to me. I’m no vinyl snob and I didn’t need something super technical or high powered or expensive, I just think records are kind of cool and I wanted a basic one so I could play them.

My father got me one for Christmas! And look! It’s sooooo cute!

Shiny and red so it matches my teapot and lipstick. Priorities.

That’s it playing the Bob Marley record my partner picked up when we went record shopping today. We had a good rummage in a second hand store (Record Fayre in the Merchant City) but didn’t really find anything that jumped out at us so we decided to go to Fopp and treat ourselves to a few shiny new records instead. He got the Marley and I got Daft Punk and Talking Head. I think that’s a good mix of genres to get us started.

Sorry for the glare. Yay, vinyl!

So far everything sounds great and we’re really enjoying a nice, quiet Sunday evening, watching the rain fall outside and drinking tea whilst listening to our new music. It’s very cosy. I may even crack open a book in a minute.

Do you have a favourite Glasgow record store? Do you play vinyl? What should I pick up next?

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