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Kick starting my fitness

So I guess I’m not alone in having eaten and drunk way too much over Christmas and New Year. That took its toll, obviously. I think not only the eating and drinking but also the habit of just sitting on the sofa for hours on end almost every day probably didn’t do me much good.

I knew this would happen and so I just let it happen. Now I need to do something about it. I’ve been trying to be a bit fitter in general since around May 2015 and this was a pretty serious blip but I do know what I need to do to get back on track. After just one week of not eating my own body weight in chocolate every day I’m already starting to see things getting back to normal, so that’s encouraging.

Karrimor arm wallet that might help motivate me to run more. Worth a try.

I always get a few fitness treats in January. Not in a “New year, new me” way, more in a “New year, I probably deserve some new leggings because these ones are getting a bit ropey” kind of way. Plus, new exercise wear, yoga mats, etc is always a fun treat and is a great way to motivate me to sort myself out. I know wearing nice new trainers shouldn’t make a difference to my motivation but it does anyway.

Fortunately, Sports Direct seems to be constantly having a sale and the January sales only compounded this, so I bought a new pair of Karrimor trainers, a new pair of jogging bottoms, a skipping rope (Lol, why? Because it was only £1.50, that’s why) and an arm thingy for my phone to go in. I hate running and I’ve been making excuses to not do it because it’s hard for me to carry my keys and phone with me but now that is no longer true, so I might actually do it.

Who doesn’t love a new pair of trainers?

I also ordered some leggings from Wish, which I’ve never used before but my mum suggested I tried them. Unfortunately it seems that their shipping times are really long so I don’t have those yet. Hopefully they’ll arrive soon.

All my classes are starting back up again too. My first Ladies That Lift class was on Saturday and on Sunday it was really obvious that I’d done no exercise for about 3 weeks. My muscles were so sore! I’m also hoping that a new conditioning class I’d tried recently will start back up soon but if not I’m going to go looking for something new.


So I’m hoping all this will help me be the fittest I’ve been in years within about 3 months. Worth a try, right? Do you have any fitness goals for 2016? What are your plans?


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