A trip to ShuffleDog

While I was home in Leeds over New Year we dropped into the second BrewDog bar to open in the city (actually we went twice). If you know me, you know I love BrewDog’s beers and I’m a huge fan of the Glasgow bars but I’d found the first Leeds one to be just slightly cramped. When I heard there was a new one I just had to try it.


The first visit was pretty breif but long enough to show me that it was ligth and bright, with huge windows to sit in and watch the rain from. We didn’t head downstairs but heard someone at the bar asking if there were any tables avialable there and incorrectly assumed it must be a restaurant. The truth was much less predictable.

This branch of BrewDog is called the ShuffleDog. It turns out that downstairs they have three large shuffleboard tables. No, I didn’t know what shuffleboard was either, but we were determined to find out and made plans to return with my sister and her other half to try it out.


Shuffleboard is a game where you take turns sliding a weighted puck down a highly polished wooden table. The table is long and narrow and has zones at the far ends that are worth different numbers of points. So, for example, if your puck ends up hanging off the end but doesn’t fall off you get five points, if it’s a little closer to you then you get four points, and so on. You add up the points when all the pucks have been played and no points are awarded for pucks that fall off the table. Naturally this leads to players trying to knock their opponents pucks out of the way.

ShuffleDog has 3 tables which you rent by the half hour. I recommend four players, which means two teams of two and each person getting two goes in each round. Normally you play first to 15 points but there’s no reason why you couldn’t adjust the rules to suit you. It takes a few goes to get used to the weight of the puck but it’s immense fun.

We quickly discovered that my sister was born to play Shuffleboard. Seriously. If it were an Olympic sport we would be morally obligated to find a coach for her. She destroyed us all.

Have you ever played shuffleboard? Have you been to ShuffleDog in Leeds?


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