Glossybox – a double unboxing

I had no idea what I wanted for Christmas. None at all. My poor partner kept asking and I kept saying I didn’t know. Eventually, I hit upon the idea of a subscription box. Not something I’d tried before, but something I’d started to see a lot of. After a little research, I decided I’d like to try Glossybox. He obliged with a gift subscription because he’s wonderful.

Two boxes arrived in quick succession. The introductory box and, only a few days later, January’s box. I really like the packaging, everything’s beautifully presented and you get a little card with each box telling you a bit about the products. The boxes even smell good – is that weird? Now, I could post about them separately but where would be the fun in that? This might get lengthy, maybe go make a cup of tea or something.

Introductory Box


Royal Apothic body lotion, 35 g (full-size rrp £14.50)

20160109_093728(2)The packaging on this one is really pretty. It claims to be lightly scented and to not feel oily on the skin. That’s true and I like the scent a lot. The non-oily finish meant I was happy using it in the mornings because I didn’t feel like I had to wait five minutes to let it soak in before I go dressed, so that was good. I used it five days in a row before it was all gone and my skin definitely felt better at the end of the week but, to be fair, I’d been kind of neglecting my skin and hadn’t properly moisturised before this for ages – so I’d really expect an improvement.

Would I buy the full size? Well… Burt’s Bees does a body lotion with a lovely light scent that doesn’t feel greasy that retails about £5 less than this so I wouldn’t buy this for myself. However, it’s so pretty I’d definitely get it as a gift for someone.

Emite Diamond Heart Primer, 15 ml (full-size rrp £25.90)

20160109_093707I’m new to primers having recently tried one by Seventeen (don’t go there) and then been properly introduced to them with a Dermalogica one that I instantly became obsessed with. This one is nice. It’s lightly pigmented, feels light on the skin, isn’t oily or sticky and goes on smoothly. My makeup sits on top of it happily and it has a delicate, floral scent.

Would I buy full size? Sure. I mean, if it were pay day or something. I think this is a good alternative to the Dermalogica (which is still my favourite) and just slightly less expensive. Really though, I need to find either a budget version or a winning lottery ticket.


Bellàpierre mineral lipstick in Ruby (rrp £20)

20160109_190811This was my favourite item in this box. You can never have too many red lipsticks in my eyes and I was so impressed by this one. It feels really moisturising and it’s so bright and bold. The colour stays really, really well. Like, I have a few red lipsticks that are specifically designed to last for ages and I was impressed with the staying power of this, given that it makes no such claim.

Would I buy one? Oh man… it’s pricey. It’s outside my price range for a lipstick. I’ll treasure this one and keep looking for that lottery ticket. Again, given the chance to spoil myself I’d definitely check out the other colours in the range.

Nails Inc polish in Uptown (rrp £11)

20160114_084438(2)I like Nails Inc polishes. However, I do seem to get more of these free than any other brand. Is it my imagination or are they always going free with magazines? Not that that matters; if they’re good, they’re good, right? And they are good. I like this colour for its versatility, it’s a very easy colour to wear. It recommends two coats but with a good undercoat and topcoat, I found that one coat was fine. Decent staying power too – mine lasted about 4 days before it needed to be taken off.

Would I buy one? Well… maybe. Or I could just wait until the next time there’s stuck to the front of Glamour magazine and pick that up instead. I’d definitely look for the box sets of colours they sometimes sell.

Nicka K Airbrush blending sponge (rrp £6.50)

20160109_093702I’m sceptical about makeup sponges. I tend to find that I use way more makeup applying it this way because so much gets absorbed into the sponge rather than going onto my skin. The finish was nice and smooth, no lines or patches, and it was good to try one of these out, but I think I still prefer brushes.

Would I buy one? Nah, not for me. However, if a friend said they wanted a new makeup sponge I’d recommend this one.




January’s box



Unani dermo defence face mask (rrp £11.36)

20160116_221922It’s winter. It’s cold and miserable and rainy. I walk for 30 minutes in that condition to get to work, then I walk back at the end of the day. My face is dampened by the rain and then dried by the wind. This is not great for my skin (or my mood). So am I happy that I got a mask? Hell yes. It’s a clear mask with a light, sweet scent. It’s very hydrating and claims that “within two weeks you will notice a profound improvement in skin regeneration.” Lol, ok. That’s a bit bold (if not outright ridiculous) but it is really nice.

Would I buy one? Sure, I like this. It’s a nice addition to a Sunday pampering session and it won’t break the bank.


Teeez Cosmetics Oasis gem lipstick in Coral Onyx (rrp 11.93)

20160116_222216The packaging on this is so cool and I didn’t have a coral lipstick so I was curious to try it. It’s a nice colour but I’m not sure how much I’ll wear it. Unless my lips are perfect (they tend to be a bit dry, especially this time of year) it doesn’t go on very evenly.

Would I buy it? Not in this colour, but I’d look at some of their other shades.



Madara cellular repair serum, 15 ml (full-size rrp £38)

20160116_221931I did not expect to like this as much as I do. It smells sooo good (very citrusy) and I feel like it’s helping my moisturiser to do its job, which is wonderful. It takes a moment to absorb into the skin but it doesn’t make my skin feel tight, which serums often do and which I hate. There are some claims on the box which make me think that they don’t really want the reader to delve into the statistics but that’s just a feature of the industry, I guess.

Would I buy full size? Sure, just as soon as that lottery win comes in. Seriously, it’s really great, but at £38 I’d even feel bad asking for it for Christmas.


Emite micronized powder blush 108 (rrp £20.59)

20160116_221955I haven’t had a blusher in years so I’m sorry but I was too excited and tried it out before I took a photo, hence the powder everywhere. I like the colour a lot – I thought it was a bit dark for me at first, but it blended nicely. I’ve only used it once, I guess because I’m still not sure how I like my blusher, but I’m looking forward to experimenting with it more.

Would I buy full size? For £20.59 when I’ve not bought a blusher in years? Not likely. It’s nice but that’s way outside my price range for a product I use extremely rarely.

Glossybox eyeshadow in glossy mauve (rrp £7.10)

20160116_222007I didn’t know Glossybox did their own range of products. I wonder where they get the rrp price tag from? When I saw it I thought, “Oh, I don’t like that colour.” However, having tried it on it looks a lot nicer on my eyes, so I guess maybe I will. I’m not sure it will supplant my current favourites but it’s not bad.

Would I buy one? Honestly, I don’t even know where. I guess on the Glossybox website? I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t but maybe it’ll grow on me.


Phew! Done. So far I’m really enjoying the subscription and I’m excited to see what February will bring. I’m feeling very pampered and spoilt and I actually feel like I’m learning quite a lot. It’s definitely getting my to try things I wouldn’t normally bother with and that’s definitely a good thing (“Try New Things” is a perpetual resolution for me).

Bring on February!

9 thoughts on “Glossybox – a double unboxing

  1. These look like great high-end products. I have been toying with the idea of getting a makeup beauty blender sponge too – I tried a regular beauty sponge and it didn’t feel like it worked. Next time I go to Sephora, I’ll ask for some recommendations and see if they have any more info to share.


  2. I really want to subscribe to Glossybox! When I lived at home my mum used to get it and I would just steal bits from it 😉 But now I don’t have that luxury so I’m toying between Glossybox and My Little Box which is another cute one but with a bit of a variety of things inside. Great post Becky!

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