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Yelp Elite and healthy food at Martha’s

I joined Yelp last year after speaking to a friend who was very excited about it. I’ve been finding it a lot of fun. It’s helpful for me because I always know where I want to try next (and I always remember whether or not I liked a place) and the community in Glasgow is really friendly and positive.

So I was pretty happy when I got an email in early January telling me that I was Yelp Elite (that means more fun events are open to me than would be otherwise) and that the first event would be at Martha’s. Martha’s is a cafe that focusses on healthy, hearty food. They’re really careful to cater to almost any diet (and to do it well) and to use local, organic produce wherever possible. I’d never been and I was really looking forward to checking it out.

Matha’s motto

We started out trying breakfast smoothies and porridges. The porridge we tried was gluten free and really good – we were encouraged to add our own toppings to it, which is something the cafe always has available. Next we moved into the kitchen to see how the hot wraps were made. The spicy chicken one was my favourite and I really like the bread they use – it’s khobez rather than tortilla.

Chicken wrap

The next stage was done by Activ Tailored Fitness who do everything from Zumba to bootcamps. They had a group of personal trainers ready to challenge us with a few activities; a squat challenge, some handstands and some foam rollers. There was a prize for the squat challenge to be awarded to whoever could do the most squats in 60 seconds and I won! It turns out I can do 59 squats in 60 seconds but only if I don’t want to be able to walk up stairs the next day. My prize is a personal training session that I can’t wait to schedule – I’ve never done one before. This will definitely help with my fitness goals this year. Hurrah!


Next we had a chat about nutrition and about how Martha’s works to help people no matter what their dietary or fitness goals or requirements and finally we tried some deserts and juices. We tried a “chocolate mousse” made of avacado and a chia seed pudding that was like a cross between rice pudding and tapioca. The juices were amazing, they have a green tea matcha one that I really wish I hadn’t tried because it’s delicious but a small bottle costs £3.50. Oh well – it can be an occasional treat.

Amazing juices. The Matcha Latte is my favourite but the Goodness Gracious Green is also delicious.

See why I’m excited about Yelp? I can’t wait for the next event. Are you a member? Have you tried the food at Martha’s?


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