Bad movie nights

Do you do bad movie nights? Do you know what I mean? You get together with some friends to watch a bunch of films that are so bad they’re good?

I do bad movie nights. Not as much as I’d like to but, still, I do them. When looking at movie ratings on IMDB my motto is “Less than 3, leave it be; more than 4, show it the door.” A rating of 3.5 out of 10 is perfect for a bad movie night candidate.


You want something full of terrible, hilarious quotes. You want over acting, or weird direction, or dodgy special effects. There’s a good chance you want Nicholas Cage or Jean Claude van Damme. Maybe even Arnie.

If you want to have real fun you need to choose a theme. I had a bad movie night with some friends last Friday and our theme was “bad hacker movies.” We chose Hackers, Swordfish and Black Hat. It was a treat. We got some snacks (crisps and that dip I made the other day) and some drinks. After hackers we ordered a curry because if you’re watching three terrible movies you need some real sustenance.


A lot of the time these are just a good excuse to have a few friends round, drink to much wine and have a laugh. We mostly talked over the movies, occasionally zoning in for a hilarious scene or quote. After Swordfish we abandoned the hacker theme in favour of The Day of the Dolphin (someone accidentally trains dolphins to assassinate the president… yep).

I think I’ll try to do this every couple of months. That might get difficult because… life. However, if it does turn out to be possible it will definitely be fun. I’m toying with the next theme being “buddy cop movies where one of the cops is not human.” There’s got to be a fair few terrible movies that fit that description. I am open to other ideas, though, and I guess I’ll just see what presents itself in the next few weeks.


Do you appreciate a good bad movie? Do you have any reccomendations or suggestions for my next bad movie night?

10 thoughts on “Bad movie nights

  1. Ha, this sounds like a funny idea, though I must say that I don’t enjoy watching bad movies! A movie though that I attempted to watch but didn’t finish was Intolerable Cruelty (it made no sense!) Parts were funny, but not enough to have me continue watching.

    The Day of the Dolphin sounds terrible! Dolphins that can assassinate the president?! What?!


      1. Or American Psycho 2.. I thought the first American Psycho was great. It was dark and serious. Then they just had to make a second one about this girl in high school (or maybe it was college I can’t remember. I tried to scratch it from my memory) and it was bright and… Ugh… “Pretty”.


  2. Woooooow, you took me back! Hackers and Swordfish?! Lol, I have actually purposely had bad movie nights as well! I watched all of the Halloween movies to celebrate the holiday with some friends. Movies that are REALLY bad I like to watch with friends while we change the lines in the movies into something hilarious. I think it’s the only way to avoid deleting them or throwing them away lol. Ohhhh the memories.

    I also like to find horror movies that are so scary I can’t sleep (Insidious, anyone?). I made a mistake with that one. I watched it alone.


  3. Oh heck yeah, the original Evil Dead series are a must! I always laugh because I don’t understand why most of those movies weren’t considered dark comedy. I always wonder how much their movie budget was. I blame my parents because the first horror film I watched was Hellraiser. The Langoliers was never scary after seeing the infamous Pinhead in action.


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