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Favourite Glasgow coffee shops for working in

On and off I find myself with the kind of work that really only requires a computer, an internet connection and a cup of coffee. In those instances I sometimes work in my office and I sometimes work at home. However, on the odd occasion when I find myself unable to make any progress, a change of scenary can be a big help.


This is when I migrate to the coffee shop. There’s something about a little background chatter, the sounds of drinks being made and music playing (crucially, music which I don’t have to choose and which I can’t procrastinate over whilst setting up a playlist). These sounds combined make it easy to focus on the task at hand. A really good cup of coffee and perhaps the odd baked treat only serves to perfect the scene.

Sound good? Great! Here are my favourites of these places in Glasgow

  1. iCafe. In my case, specifically the iCafe on Woodlands Road, but they’re all good really. I admit it’s possible that this is part nostalgia, because I did a lot of studying in iCafes as an undergraduate, but recent visits proved they’re still doing what they do best. The coffee is still good, the WiFi is still free and they have these paninis with spicy peanut chicken in them that I feel are very important. One thing I especially like is that they sometimes play quite odd music which is good in spite of being odd, and I’ve discovered a lot of bands I like by opening SoundHound here.
  2. Offshore. You need the right spot, since not seats are handy for a power socket, but once you’ve got it you’re good to go. The atmosphere in here is so light and bright and positive that I can’t help but be productive, especially if I can get their big squishy sofa to sit on.
  3. Cafe Go-Go. This is the place to be if you’re hungry but also need to work. These days their menu is fantastic (take a friend for lunch to enjoy their “two people eat for £10” offer). Again, the WiFi is reliable. They do the prettiest and tastiest chai lattes I’ve had and, whilst they’re pretty busy around lunch time, things quiet down a fair bit afterwards.
  4. Spitfire Espresso. This would be higher on the list but it’s just slightly further away from my office than I’d like. It’s another light and airy space with excellent, and I mean really significantly excellent, coffee and adorable little delicious pastries.
  5. Paper Cup Coffee. I think I’ve had the best iced coffee I’ve ever tasted here. It’s not a huge space but if you can find a seat you should grab it and settle in. The WiFi is provided by Purple Place, which took me a while to connect to the first time I used it, but I’ve had no trouble since. I might just come and live here in summer.

That’s my list. It’s not exhaustive (I’ve tried to visit every coffee shop in Glasgow, but I’ve a way to go yet) and I’m sure I’ve even forgotten a few of my favourites but I do love all of these places. Where do you like to work?


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