TV series review: Rick and Morty S2

I never thought I’d get to like Rick and Morty as much as I do now. When I watched the first series I really didn’t like the first episode. It’s a good thing the episodes are only 20 minutes long or there’s no way I would have given the second episode a chance. I hated everything; I didn’t think it was funny, I didn’t like the voice acting, the animation wasn’t to my taste. The only thing I liked was the theme tune.

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty. Image from YouTube.

I’m glad I did give it another chance though, because by episode 3 I was enjoying it and by the end of series one it was one of my favourite shows. Season 2 just continued that trend and now I’m really looking forward to season 3. At the moment it’s not clear when season 3 will air, but there is confirmation that it’s being written so hopefully soon? Maybe this year? Who knows.

If you’re not familiar with the show the premise is this: Rick is Morty’s grandfather and is currently living with him and his family. He’s a scientist and inventor capable of travelling through time and space and he drags Morty along on his wacky (oh yes, wacky is the right word here) adventures. He’s also a terrible influence in every way possible.

Its funny. Like really, really funny. I know cartoons are supposed to be but you’re reading the words of someone who hates Familly Guy and who hasn’t laughed at The Simpsons in at least a decade. Even the weaker episodes of Rick and Morty make me laugh. Favourite scene from series 2? Right here (no spoilers, I promise, but possibly slightly nsfw due to language):

You can buy jumpers with that rant on them. So far, though, I’ve not seen a backpack, which is kind of a shame. It’ll happen. It’s only a matter of time.

Have you watched Rick and Morty? Do you like it? Are there any other cartoons I should be watching?





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