2 thoughts on “Early Career Physics Communicator Award

  1. I don’t want to be that guy (you know my views funny represent the views that this question might suggest), but do you have a theory why there were no men on the short list? Is the Y chromosome less inclined towards outreach in physics? What do you think in the matter?
    (I am seriously not accusing the IOP of bias, and this isn’t meant to make a point like “what about men’s rights”. It is just curiosity)

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    1. That drew comments, certainly. There is a strong trend for more women getting involved in science communication than men do and that could be linked to the trend towards more women getting involved in teaching. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that 4 is a very small sample size and I can reassure you that men have been short listed and have won in the past.
      I would say though, that there’s a need to encourage more men to get involved. Since my focus is normally on getting women into science and not men into science communication that would be an interesting change.

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