Valentine’s Day plans

Valentine’s Day is kind of polarising, isn’t it? Some people point out that it’s a manufactured holiday made to sell chocolate and greetings cards, others argue that it’s just a good excuse to celebrate your relationship and anyway, chocolates are nice.


I’m mostly in the latter camp. I think every day is a good day to celebrate your relationship if you’re happily in one. Valentine’s Day is just a good day to be reminded of that. On the other hand, I have zero interest in spending hundreds of pounds to prove that relationship is important to me. I don’t want to sit in a restaurant and choose from an ultra expensive set menu which the poor, harried chef is very bored of cooking, surrounded by other couples all just going through the motions. I probably don’t want to watch a romantic movie, either, to be honest.

What I do want to do is spend time with my partner. Hell, I always want that. So our Valentine’s Day plans this year are focussed on doing that, and on doing it right.

First of all, we’re celebrating on Saturday 13th rather than Sunday 14th so that we can have a glass of wine without worrying about work the next day. I’m going to get up in the morning and go to an exercise class, then I’m going to go play board games with some friends for a couple of hours. This is all ok because even on supposedly important days like this we both have our own lives. While I’m doing this he will probably sleep in and then maybe watch some TV. That’s what he likes to do at the weekend and that’s ok.

Later we’re going to meet up and go to one of our favourite beer shops to buy a bunch of new and exciting beers. We’ll hopefully already have some cheap fizz chilling in the fridge in case we fancy that instead (or as well. Don’t judge me). We’re going to go home and build a blanket fort and order a pizza. From inside our blanket fort we will drink beer, eat pizza and play video games. Quite likely Rayman Legends because I got that for Christmas and we’ve not played much of it yet but so far it’s really fun.

See? See how chilled out and pleasant that sounds? I am genuinely very excited about it. I’ve been encouraging P to look up blanket fort designs online because I am the more practical of the two of us and I don’t want him to feel like he can’t keep up with my engineering genius.

We’ll totally go out for dinner at some other point but it won’t be A Big Deal. It will just be dinner. It will taste good and we’ll laugh about stupid stuff and maybe we’ll see a film or maybe not. Probably we will though because Deadpool is out soon and I can’t wait.It can be fun to get all dressed up and go out together but as soon as it feels like there’s a lot of pressure to do so all that fun goes away. And if it’s not fun, why are you bothering?

So I like Valentine’s Day but it’s not a holiday that’s easy to sell to me and it’s never been one I’ve gone overboard on. On the other hand, P, if you’re reading this, I would definitely not be offended if you bought me roses. On yet another hand that’s true every day of the year.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?



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