My Dermalogica obsession

I have a confession to make. Ok here it goes. My name is Becky and I’m a Dermalogicaddict*.

There, I’ve said it. Honestly, I blame the parents. My mother is not only a Dermalogica fan herself, she got me into it. She’s my enabler and, indeed, my supplier. She’s a terrible influence. I love her.

Some of this is serious stuff… I have no idea what I’m doing.

To give you an idea of how severe the situation is now, this is roughly my morning Dermalogica routine:

Shower, wash with Conditioning Body Wash. If it’s a Tuesday, exfoliate with Skin Prep Scrub (I only exfoliate my face once a week and I do it on Tuesdays, I don’t know why). Pre-cleanse with Special Cleansing Gel and then cleanse with Special Cleansing Gel. Moisturise with Sheer Tint Moisture. Apply Renewal Lip Complex.

That’s five products and I’ve not even done my make up. If I do do my make up (I like sleep too much to do it every day) then the first thing I apply is Skin Perfect Primer. In the evening before I go to bed I do the whole pre-cleanse/cleanse thing again and apply Skin Smoothing Cream, which is a moisturiser with no pigment.


I also have a bunch of other bits and pieces that I got for Christmas (again, my mother enabling me) that are a bit exciting and I’m not sure how to use them yet. I tried them once and they made my skin tingle for a weirdly long time so I feel like I need to check I’ve got it right before I pull that stunt again.

Not that I never try anything else, just that these are my default, go-to products now. I routinely use different body washes and moisturisers to mix things up. What would life be without a little variety? Chance are, though, when the bottle is finished, I’ll just go back to what I was using before. Oh, and I’ve never found a better lip balm than Renewal Lip Complex. There was one by Elizabeth Arden that came close, and I have one by Nivea as a spare, but Renewal Lip is, as yet, unbeaten.


Are there any products you’re obsessed with? Or do you use a different brand for everything?


*I am in no way sponsored by Dermalogica but I would like to be and I am easily bought, so if you’re from Dermalogica and you’re reading this feel free to get in touch.


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