TV series review: Making a Murderer

It seems like I’m the last person in the whole world to finish watching this. There I was thinking I was doing pretty well with watching it but no, I’m still slow at watching TV. Nevermind, we got there in the end.

If you’ve not been watching, the series follows Steven Avery and his trial. Steven Avery is from Manitowoc county in Wisconsin and almost everyone in this show has the Fargo accent. It’s hard to write much about this without spoilers but I will tell you that I had to fight the urge to copy the accent.

Making a murderer
Making a Murderer. Image Credit: YouTube

Because it’s a true story about crime, and because it was filmed over ten years and the details of the cases is slowly revealed to you, I found it very reminiscent of the podcast, Serial. Especially in the sense that by the time you’ve start to get comfortable with the information that’s presented to you during an episode, there’s usually a twist that changes everything. Unlike Serial that twist didn’t normally change my mind about whether or not I thought Steven Avery was guilty – I had my mind made up on that one fairly early on.

I think that one of the reasons so many people watched it so quickly was because of the active discussion going on online. Everyone wanted to finish watching it, avoid spoilers, and then get online to see what everyone was saying about it and to join in. People wanted to share theories. Certainly the first thing Paul did when we finished the last episode was to grab his laptop and head straight to Reddit. I recommend that (maybe not Reddit specifically, pick your poison) the chat online is almost as compelling as the show itself.

So now, Bryn over at I Go LIGO has mentioned that the next thing for fans of Making a Murdered to watch is The Jinx. He described it as being “like Making a Murderer, but the exact opposite.” I have no idea what this means but I am intrigued. Watch this space, I guess.

Did you watch this? Did you enjoy it? Have you watched The Jinx? Please keep the comments spoiler free for me, ok?

7 thoughts on “TV series review: Making a Murderer

  1. Last week when the first thing that popped into Google after typing “How to make a….” was murderer I thought it was pretty odd and scary. thank you for putting my doubts into humanity at rest. I guess I should watch the show lol…

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