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Glossybox February Unboxing

We knew that February’s Glossybox would have a valentine’s day theme. We’d been teased with the box art and promises of lipgloss. I was looking forward to opening it. Mine got to me a little late (I may have mentioned the possibility that the delivery officers hate me?) but nevertheless in time for Valentine’s Day. So, what was inside?

Naobay protective hair mask volume conditioner, 200 ml, rrp £10.64


This smells amazing. I love anything citrussy and this has definitely got a lemony tang to it.My hair felt soft and smooth afterwards, so that’s good too. I don’t believe there’s any difference in the hair volume but it would have been a pretty incredible product if there were.

Would I buy it? I probably would. It smells great and it makes my hair soft. What’s not to like?

The Vintage Cosmetic Floral Slanted Tweezers, rrp £8

These are very pretty. I feel like all tools should be this pretty. They’re well aligned too and work very well. I doubt they’ll replace my needlenose tweezers but they’re a lovely second pair to have.

Would I buy it? No. I have one now. Ok, maybe as a gift, but only if someone asked for one. Otherwise it’s kind of a mean gift, isn’t it? Like saying “happy birthday, now go sort your eyebrows out.”

MUA Power Pout Glaze Low Voltage Gloss in Serenity, rrp £3.50


I like this! I haven’t been wearing much lipgloss lately but I do like this one. It’s a nice colour, although being a gloss it isn’t super pigmented. It’s pleasently shimmery and lasts pretty well.

Would I buy it? I want one in every colour. At £3.50 each that wouldn’t even be that hard to justify.

Nicka K New York 24hr waterproof eyeliner in Dark Brown, rrp £3.99

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a brown eyeliner. It seems such an obvious thing to have but I guess I just always choose black. I’ve had a quick go and it looks quite nice, the colour takes a couple of layers to build up but it does last a long time, maybe not 24 hours but probably 18. That said, I’m reminded why I switched to liquid eyeliner – it’s much trickier to get a sharp cat eye flick with this, even if it does have a built in sharpener.

Would I buy it? We’ll see. I’m not an instant convert but I wouldn’t rule it out.

Wilkinson sword intuition sensitive care razor, £6.99


Well first of all, Glossybox, how dare you? First the tweezers and now this? Are you worried my Valentine’s date will dump me if I am not completely shorn of every hair on my body? Jokes aside, are you aware that not all women shave (that not all women remove hair at all) but that those who do probably already have razors and really don’t see them as a treat? It’s a bit like sending a deoderant. It’s almost rude.

So it’s the first thing I’ve been disapointed with but I will dutifully review it: I get that the lump of stuff (aloe vera gel or something?) is supposed to moisturise as you shave, kind of acting like a shaving gel. The problem is it makes the whole thing so bulky it’s hard to figure out where the blade is and to get good contact. You miss bits. Maybe its something I’d get better at with practise but it left me reaching for a normal razor to tidy up around my ankles.

Would I buy it? No. Definitely not. Pink taxed and useless. I’ll stick with my cheap but sharp and long lasting men’s razors which I’ll use when I feel like shaving my legs and not when society tells me I should.

Ok, so in spite of the rant about that last product this was a good box. The razor’s not my thing but I liked everything else and if that brown eyeliner suits me then I think I’ll have added at least three things to the products I regularly use. It’s also nice to see items that are within my normal budget because it’s realistic to believe that I might buy new ones when I run out. However, if I get sent wax strips or something in the next box I’m going to develop a complex.



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