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Yelp Secret Dining Club at the Virginia Bar and Rotisserie

I once again find myself indebted to M, who once enthusiastically told me that she’d joined Yelp and was loving it. M tells me to do all sorts of brilliant things, like reading amazing books (she gave me the Amy Poehler book I read recently) or going trampolining. She is wise and should be listened to.

Because she told me to join Yelp about six months ago, and because I got a bit obsessed with it, on Wednesday I got to go to a “Secret Dining” club event. The idea is to bring together a small number of people who are a part of the Yelp community to let them get to know each other a bit better. Also, since it’s Yelp, it was a chance to try some great food and maybe a cocktail or two while we were at it.

The entrance to Virginia Court looks a little dark but the courtyard itself is inviting


So it was that six of us showed up at the Virginia Bar and Rotisserie. The bar is part of Cup Glasgow – I have a soft spot for Cup because I worked there as a waitress for a while and it’s one of the best part time jobs I’ve ever had. We sat down and started to peruse the cocktail menu. I love cocktails but I tend to think that sweet stuff should be saved for desert. If I’m ordering a cocktail I want something strong, alcoholic and definitely not full of sugar. I was really pleased, looking at the cocktail menu, I would have no problem ordering something delicious here. I opted for a Trade Winds: Mount Gay rum, sage, Cocchi Torino, Calvados, chestnut and Angostura bitters. Heaven.

My apple-garnished Trade Winds cocktail

Now, I wouldn’t normally just order roast chicken in a restaurant. I like chicken and I might order a chicken burger or something, but probably not just roast chicken. It seems a little plain. However, rotisserie chicken is the main event here, so we decided to get a couple of them to share, plus a bunch of sides. One of our group was gluten free and was super excited that the restaurant offered gluten free macaroni and cheese, so opted out of the chicken in favour of that.

Rotisserie chicken

The food came and it was good. The chicken was juicy, with a crisp slight spiced skin. The sides were good too, especially the sweet potato fries. Honestly though, it was kind of still just chicken. I mean, good chicken, but chicken. I’d come back here, but I’d definitely order different mains – I bet their chicken shawarma is great and the do a blue mac and cheese that sounds very tempting.

It was good to sit and chat as well. I didn’t know any of the other Yelpers very well (except the community manager, Briony, who I’d met a few times) and we talked about everything from TV, books, food and drink (of course) through to politics, both local and national. Actually the political chat became a bit of a rant against a certain health minister – it’s probably a good thing that we were all on the same page there.

The evening came to a close and we all headed for home, having met some new friends, tried a new place and learned a little more about our city.



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