Nails Inc Love Letters Nail Polish Collection

In early February Nails Inc* teamed up with o2* to run a promotion on their “Love Letters” nail polish collection. It featured ten mini polishes at a promotional price and I snapped it up. The colours include: Pall Mall, Old Park Lane, Dalston Lane, Wilton Row, Palace Gardens Terrace, Charing Cross Road, South Kensington, Eagle Street, Party Lane and Chelsea Square.  No prizes for guessing the theme for the names.

The Nails Inc Love Letters mini polishes collection

I’ve used Nails Inc polishes before and I’ve usually liked them, although I guess I’ve always seen them as a brand that shows up free with magazines every now and then (see also Ciate. Not that coming free with a magazine is a bad sign, often quite the opposite, but it does sometimes put me off paying full price for a product.

Quite a pretty set

However, a set like this, full of colours I liked and a brand I’d tried before and liked, was hard to pass up. So I was disappointed when the first polish I tried failed to live up to my expectations. It was Pall Mall, a pretty pinky colour with unfortunately little pigmentation. It took three coats to get the colour I wanted and even then some of my nails looked a bit patchy. Maybe it would be fine for a French manicure, but this set didn’t come with a white polish so it’s hard to be happy about it.

Left to right: South Kensington, Charing Cross Road and Wilton Row

However, I had ten polishes to try and I wasn’t about to abandon the whole set just because of one disappointing colour. Fortunately the second polish I tried,  Old Park Lane, was much, much nicer. It’s a lovely metallic gold colour, with a hint of blush to it, and with just one coat it looked perfect. I always use a base coat and a top coat but this might even have been fine without.

Left to right: Eagle Stree, Pall Mall and Dalston Lane

Since then I’ve neglected my nails a bit so I’ve not caught up and tried the rest, but I did recently put on Dalston Lane, a “new and exclusive” Latex Effect polish. It’s a nice colour but I’m not totally sold on it. It has a matte finish, which is obviously wasted on me because of the top coat but actually I’m quite pleased because when it was matte it looked pretty weird.

Left to Right: Chelsea Square, Party Lane, Palace Gardens Terrace and Old Park Lane

So we’ve got a hit a miss and a maybe so far. I’ll update this at some point when I’ve tried a few more of these. I’m not sure Nails Inc is about to supplant Jessica as my favourite brand, but this has definitely convinced me that it’s worth buying their polishes rather than just waiting for the next magazine freebie.


*Neither Nails Inc nor o2 sponsor me or this content in any way. If they’d like to I’d be cool with that and they should contact me, although if they ever do I promise to tell you.


4 thoughts on “Nails Inc Love Letters Nail Polish Collection

  1. I do like the sparkly ones. You can try some of the colours with the sparkles, should look good. I know you left a comment on my blog about decals. to answer your questions, yes I did use them and they look amazing without much effort or damage. I will be posting about them and where to get them soon. Drop by in a couple of weeks and I should have a post about it.


  2. oh that sucks one of them was a miss, though yay for one being a hit… i normally stay away from sets like this for that reason because it’s rare i will like every single colour in the set. and i totally know what you mean about polishes coming with magazines – or anything really – putting you off paying full price.

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