A Photo Challenge

B.G. over at Getting Through Anxiety is well into her blogging challenges and who can blame her? They’re a great source of blog prompts and a great opportunity to try something new and different. Right now she’s doing quite a tricky one – I’m going to call it the Seven Photos: Seven Days Challenge, in which you should post seven photos every day for seven days and you should nominate someone new to join in each day. On Friday she nominated me.

I’m going to cheat. I admit that straight up. I think this is a really tough challenge and I’m probably going to fail at it myself. There’s a bit of time dedication here and so I don’t want to nominate a bunch of new people to take part. What I’m going to do instead is this: If you want to take part, go ahead, it should be fun. If you decide you’re going to then let me know in the comments and I’ll link to your blog where you’re doing the challenge. Sound good?

Meanwhile, I’m going to post my seven photos here each day – hopefully I’ll remember to update the post every time! Someone give me a shove if I forget, ok? Cool. Here we go:


It was sunny enough today to spend some time wandering around the campus at the University of Glasgow. Here’s what I saw whilst wandering. I guess I love lamp?


Today was a very, very foodie day for two reasons.

1. The Isabella Elder Feminist Society and the University of Glasgow were selling vagina themed cupcakes to promote their Vagina Monologues production that will be happening on Friday at the Queen Margaret union (doors are at 19:00, tickets Β£3/4). Well, it is Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, and who doesn’t like cupcakes?

2. Last week was Glasgow’s Yelp Pizza week and it culminated today with the Yelp Pizza Battle, which I was lucky enough to be involved with judging. Seven pizzeria’s in Glasgow stepped up, two fell by the wayside and in the end the judges gave a joint first place to Paesano and La Favorita. More on this next week.


We had another of those rare sunny Spring days in Glasgow today so I took some photos by the River Kelvin and the River Clyde. I hope this good weather keeps up.


It was sunny again today but I didn’t get much chance to go outside until the early evening, when I was meeting my good friend R for a cup of tea. On the way I took some photos in Glasgow’s city centre. I’m starting to struggle a bit with the challenge though, so this set also contains, slightly incongruously, a photo of my nails and a photo of some chocolates. Well, who doesn’t like chocolate after all?






12 thoughts on “A Photo Challenge

  1. Is that Galsgow? Interesting. Never been there. How many months did you need to take all your pictures with sun? πŸ˜‰
    (As “murikans” say, lifting two fingers of each hand: “Joke”)


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