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Visit to India Quay

It feels like ages ago now that I told Glasgow Food Geek that she had to visit my favourite Indian restaurant in Glasgow, India Quay. Given that, as far as I’m concerned, she’s the authority on Glasgow eateries I was surprised she’d never been and after a glass or two of wine it’s possible that I became quite insistent that she amend the situation.

We always order too much food. Never seem to regret it much, though.

Eventually a gap in both of our schedules came up and we arranged a visit. It turned out that we’d picked a very, very busy day so I was thankful we’d booked ahead. It was a Saturday night, there had been a political conference held nearby during the day and that evening Wet Wet Wet were performing at the SECC. When we arrived at 7:30 India Quay was packed with customers taking advantage of the pre-theatre menu (not that I can blame them).

Mushroom dosa

We got settled and ordered. I chose the mushroom dosa to start and the lamb desi for my main. The lamb desi is basically a meal in itself, coming with curry, a salad, a shrimp side dish and a paratha. India Quay is the first place I ever tasted paratha and I’m now a bit afraid to try it anywhere else because I like theirs so much. Anyway, as always at Indian restaurants we ordered far too much food and, as delicious as everything was, none of us managed to completely clear our plates. Given I only managed a small bite of my curry, I asked to take the rest of mine home with me (nothing like left over curry for tomorrow’s dinner, right?)

Lamb desi with salad and a piece of Peshwari naan. Did I mention it’s impossible to for me to eat Indian food and not get Peshwari naan (yes I know Peshwar is in Pakistan but Peshwari naan is always on the menu, isn’t it?)

By the time we were ordering deserts (I just got an espresso) the restaurant was much quieter. They stay open really late and offer a post-theatre menu too, so no doubt it picked up again after we left. However, for us it meant that we had plenty of time to linger and chat because the waitresses were quite happy to leave us to it. I hate feeling like I need to rush out of a restaurant so they can have their tables back so I was glad things had got a bit quieter.

Eventually, we left. Hopefully I convinced Glasgow Food Geek that India Quay is one of Glasgow’s best Indian restaurants. In any case we all promised to do this again, and I suppose next time I should let her choose the place. I’m certainly happy to see what she recommends.



6 thoughts on “Visit to India Quay

  1. Although I’ve never been to India Quay, I’ve been very fond of both Akbars on Sauchiehall St (near Charing Cross) and Ushas at the bottom of Byres Road. Usha’s used to be entirely vegetarian, but has now started doing meat as well (something I’m a bit disappointed about, as their veggie menu has shrunk to accommodate it, but everything that I’ve had there has been tasty, before and after the change). And caveat for Akbars: I haven’t managed to actually eat there in a few years now, so I don’t know what it’s like at the moment.

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